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This page was created to showcase my terrestrial photography. I now shoot mostly landscapes, and I have acquired a liking for film. For those interested, I shoot with four different cameras.

  1. Sony A7ii – My workhorse, excellent sensor. Sharp, noiseless images even at night.
  2. Canonet QL17 – My first film camera. Shoots 35mm. This camera was given to me by my grandfather, who brought it to Vietnam after he bought it in 1967.
  3. Canon AE-1 – Another of my grandfather’s 35mm cameras. A little more modern and more adaptable than the QL17, but less cool looking.
  4. Mamiya RB67 (with 90mm lens) – My pride and joy. Huge 6×7 negatives. Takes about 10 minutes to set up. Pure photography at its finest.