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Lagoon and Trifid, Widefield

Lagoon and Trifid

April 6, 2017

Took this at about 5 in the morning while falling asleep and only later realized that I missed focus. So that’s why it looks funny when you zoom in.

In the center of the milky way lies the second brightest nebula in the northern hemisphere, the lagoon nebula (on the right). In a small telescope it looks like a cloud with a small cluster surfing on it, but through a camera you can extract amazing detail from it and the surrounding region. The trifid nebula (left) is smaller and more intricate, composed of a emission nebula and a reflection nebula wrapped into one. Charles messier cataloged these as M 8 and M 20.

Captured on: April 1st, 2017

RGB – 1hr, ISO 400, F/3.5, 300s
Lum – 1hr, ISO 800, F/3.5, 300s

Canon 200mm F/2.8L (2)
Canon 350D (modded)
Astronomik CLS clip filter
Canon 450D (monochrome)
iOptron ZEQ25gt
Orion SSAG
PS, DSS, Carboni’s Tools, Gradient Xterminator, PHD 2, PS, BYEOS

Thanks for looking!