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The Pelican Nebula

IC 5070 SHO

IC 5070 HaRGB

July 4th, 2018

This June I revisited the Pelican nebula, this time with better equipment and knowledge. I decided to shoot narrowband and HaRGB, to show the contrast between the two imaging techniques. Due to my inexpensive narrowband filters, the stars (especially in the SHO version) have some very nasty halos. I’m also not super happy with the colors I ended up having in my final SHO image, but I don’t really know how else to approach it. I do like the details and lack of noise in both images; this is a much better rendition of the nebula than any of the previous 3 times I have captured it. I currently have a ton of data on my hard drive, most of which has been processed but needs to be posted, so I’m trying to play catchup with the Texas clear skies.

Captured on: May 30th, June 1st, and June 10th, 2018

AT6RC, 896mm @ F/5.9

ZWO ASI 1600mm-C
ZWO filters
Skywatcher NEQ6 Pro
Orion SSAG


Hydrogen Alpha: ZWO 7nm Ha filter(1.25″), 70x180s, -10C, Gain 200, Offset 50

Sulfur II: ZWO 7nm SII filter(1.25″), 70x180s, -10C, Gain 200, Offset 50
Oxygen III: ZWO 7nm OIII filter(1.25″), 70x180s, -10C, Gain 200, Offset 50

Red: ZWO Red filter(1.25″), 60x60s, -10C, Unity Gain

Green: ZWO Green filter(1.25″), 60x60s, -10C, Unity Gain

Blue: ZWO Blue filter(1.25″), 60x60s, -10C, Unity Gain


Total Acquisition of 13hrs, 30min


Thanks for looking!