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The Elephant Trunk Nebula

IC 1396, HaOIII

October 30, 2016

This is my first HaOIII bicolor, and I don’t really know how to feel. I think it looks ok, but there is very little OIII data here because it is quite faint. A better test will be the veil nebula, which I and currently finishing up.

The Elephant Trunk (as IC 1396 is called) is a large emission nebula in Cepheus.

Ha – 5hrs, 600s, ISO 800, F/3.5
OIII-4hrs, 600s, ISO 800, F/3.5

Canon 200mm F/2.8L(cropped)
Canon 450D (Monomodded)
Astronomik 12nm Ha clip filter
Astronomik 12nm OIII clip filter
iOptron ZEQ25gt
Orion SSAG
PS, DSS, Carboni’s Tools, Gradient Xterminator, PHD 2, PS, BYEOS

Thanks for looking!