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Andromeda Galaxy, Round II

The Great Andromeda Galaxy

January 8th, 2018

The Andromeda Galaxy (M 31) is one of our nearest neighbors, and the most distant object visible to the naked eye at around 2.54 million light years. The small satellite galaxy below M 31 is M 110, and the even smaller satellite above the galaxy (which astronomers suspect may have collided with it’s host) is M 32. With current calculations, Andromeda is expected to collide with our own Milky Way at some time billions of years in the future.

I am not particularly happy with this image, mostly due to the fact that the stars and color balance were very hard to process. I’ll return to Andromeda again for sure.

Captured on: July 23rd, 2017

Canon 200mm F/2.8L w/ 2x, 400mm F/7.1
ZWO ASI 1600mm-C
ZWO filters
iOptron ZEQ25gt
Orion SSAG


Lum: Astronomik CLS filter (1.25″), 60x90s, -10C, Unity Gain
Red: ZWO Red Filter(1.25″), 20x60s, -10C, Unity Gain
Green: ZWO Green Filter (1.25″), 20x60s, -10C, Unity Gain
Blue: ZWO Blue filter(1.25″), 20x60s, -10C, Unity Gain

Total Aquisition of 2.5hrs


Thanks for looking!