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The Seven Sisters

M 45, RGB

November 6th, 2016

Back to good old M 45! I haven’t imaged this one in two years so it has been a major change.

The Pleiades have been known since antiquity, named after the seven daughters of the Greek titan Atlas. While you can see many more than seven stars here, anywhere between 5-8 stars can be seen with the naked eye (depending on your eyesight). The dust around the young open cluster is much fainter, and is believed to be a cloud that the Pleiades are passing through rather than one that they formed in.

RGB – 4hrs, 300s, ISO 800, F/3.5

Canon 200mm F/2.8L
Canon T3i (Stock)
Astronomik CLS clip filter
iOptron ZEQ25gt
Orion SSAG
PS, DSS, Carboni’s Tools, Gradient Xterminator, PHD 2, PS, BYEOS

Thanks for looking!