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A little about me

Although I am currently 18, I have been interested in astronomy since I was able to talk. I used to go on the old kids section when I was 4 and build my own rocket or learn about the ISS, etc. By the time I was six or seven I had the names of most of the moons around Jupiter and Saturn memorized, along with every planet’s orbital period and rotational speed (how long a single day is). When  I was 8 or 9 I received my first telescope as a Christmas gift ( a 4.5inch F/8.8 Meade reflector). This allowed me to view the planets like never before. After about a year of casual observing, I put the telescope away and entered the longest period of my life away from astronomy. This lasted until late 2013 when my old records show I began observing again. Then in January 2014 I first connected a camera to my telescope (at the age of 12) and the rest is history!

I picked up astrophotography quickly but was held back by a serious problem…a twelve year old has no good way to earn hundreds of dollars! My equipment was forced to come slowly, which allowed my skill set to mature as well. I truly have my parents and grandparents to thank for their generous funding of my expensive hobby. It has allowed me to grow this passion into a full blown obsession and hopefully a career.

I am now in my freshman year at the University of Texas, where I will double major in Astronomy and Physics. 

I hope you enjoy my website and my images, it was created to share my passion with others!


Feel free to email me with any questions!

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